You want a healthy body you can trust.

If this is you:

  • your intuition is telling you that your diet has something to do with your disease,
  • you’re obsessively reading about changing your diet, and
  • your conventional doctor has dismissed nutrition as having anything to do with it…

then, you are in the right place.

You can change your diet to better support your body and heal from chronic disease. You can take control of your life and change your story, and I can show you how I did it.

I am Jayne Anne Ammar. I help people who have digestive dis-ease find and make diet and lifestyle changes to best support their bodies.


My Personal Experience

I’ve been in the same place you are, contemplating a change, and wondering if I will ever be able to get better.  In my blog, I am sharing about my experience with chronic disease, how I changed my diet to help my body heal, and what it took for me to start to looking at the illness in my body as an opportunity in my life to change. I think illness as an indicator of an unhealthy lifestyle and even a sign to get your life back on track isn’t talked about enough. In order to create awareness around the idea, people like you and me need to share their experiences! I suffered for years from Crohn’s Disease before finally committing to get better through my own efforts, which I have (finally!) and gratefully been able to do. I am not anti-medication. I believe in exploring all possible options to feel better when I am sick.

Current Training

I am currently training to be a certified health coach with the Functional Medicine Health Coaching Academy, which is a year long program teaching students how to coach people through the process of diet and lifestyle change to improve their health.  I expect to complete my certification in July 2018.